Eser Fitness Director - Harindra Eladetta

Eser Marketing Director – Harindra Eladetta

“Eser Fitness” stands for ultimate fitness and wellness and we are geared towards building an organization that promotes these values. Our company philosophy of “Giving Leadership by Example” gives us the necessary fuel to provide the best tools and services in the fitness industry. Eser Fitness is blessed with a well trained and experienced staff, who are ready to serve any customer any time.

We consider our team to be an essential part of our business. With an assortment of athletes and sportsmen from a range of sports and fitness backgrounds, our core business values are secured and nurtured everyday by these talented individuals. Our team consists of cricketers from reputed cricket clubs, gymnasium instructors, physical training instructors, bodybuilding trainers and instructors of other Outdoor and Indoor games.

As a company in the business of fitness we make it a practice to promote wellness and fitness among our own staff. Our hires are guided and nurtured towards being healthier human beings.

Our international partners True Fitness and Body solid provides us the strength to bring a world class service to our customers in Sri Lanka. The experience and skills we share with our international partners goes a long way in handling an efficient and effective business that’s focused on serving you.

We believe in providing our customers with the best of the best. That’s why our product lines are sourced from world renowned suppliers with impeccable standards and quality. Whether you’re working out for home or looking to start a state-of-the-art gym, We’ve got you covered.

Our mission, “Lead by Example to Create a Healthier Generation for the Country” drives our team forward to achieve unprecedented success. We aspire to leave behind a stronger and healthier generation of Sri Lankans to guide the country forward to greater glory.


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Need of Physical Exercises – Written by Harindra Eladetta




Our Team


Physical fitness instructor, Certified Personal Trainer Diploma in Strength and Conditioning – Dharsha Isuru kumara


Qualified Physical fitness Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer Diploma in Strength and Conditioning – Ishara Chathuranga

Certified Personal Trainer,Certificate Course in Bodybuilding & Nutrition – Level 1 / Level 2- Farhan Dawood



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